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ADVAMIX L.L.C. was established in 2021 by a team of scientific researchers and professional experts in the field of construction chemicals & advanced building materials. ADVAMIX aims to provide its high-quality customers building materials with trusted performance and innovative products formulated & designed with advanced chemistry and affordable prices. By its state of a scientific research background and R&D facilities, ADVAMIX'S team is qualified to provide its customer with unique and customized products by producing tailor-made products with high performance and compliance with the customer's requirement. ADVAMIX establishes a long-term business partnership with its customers as partners in mutual success based on credibility, continuous consultation assistance, and valuable technical support. Advamix develops & creates a wide range of unique products with innovation, creativity, sustainability by using advanced chemistry technologies dedicated to utmost care to satisfy customer needs to the full extent. ADVAMIX responds rapidly to customer demands and adds value to its customers by using high technologies, investing in research and development

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